Frequently Asked Qustions

How do I know which size Rypstick is best for me?

We offer 4 different lengths of the Rypstick: White (Men’s) 45”, Blue (Senior/Ladies) 44”, Green (Juniors) 41” & Orange (Indoor) 38”. We recommend using the Rypstick that is closest in length to your driver. A standard length Men’s driver is 45” and a standard length Ladies driver is 44”. If you are limited on space or would like to train indoors, our Orange (Indoor) 38” model is a great option. Your speed gains will not be compromised due to a shorter length Rypstick.

Where do the weights go into the Rypstick?

There is a dial above the chamber of the Rypstick, turn that counterclockwise to open the chamber. The weights go inside, do not attempt to put the weights in the end of the Rypstick. They are not designed to go in the end of the Rypstick.

Where do I put the weights while I am doing my workouts?

We recommend that you put the weights in your pocket, golf bag pocket, or someplace close.

How do I access my free swing analysis included with Rypstick purchase?

If you would like to take advantage of our swing analysis please email us your swing at We need a 2-3 second video of your swing Face On and Down the Line. You can be hitting a ball or swinging without a ball. Once these are sent to us they will be put in the queue for Dr. Benoit to take a look at. Once we receive the videos it will take a couple of days depending on demand.

I have received the Rypstick, what workouts should I do?

The best way to train with the Rypstick is to download the Rypstick Training App! Available on both iPhone & Android, the app will personalize your workouts based on your abilities and guide you through each workout. You can also find all of our Training Protocols under the Training tab on our website.

How much speed and distance will I pick up with Rypstick?

Everyone is different. To maximize your potential gains, we recommend taking advantage of our free swing analysis prior to beginning training. Typically, the club head speed gains we see with 2 months of training are: 98% gain 2 mph, 50% gain 5+ mph, 10% gain 10+ mph. Users that pair the Rypstick Training Protocols with golf instruction and fitness training will see the highest gains.

I would like to become an affiliate, I think I can help promote the Rypstick, how do I register?

Send us an email at We would like to hear your story and how you can enhance and promote the brand. You do not need to be a golf professional, fitness expert, or major social media influencer.

Where can I find instructions for the RypRadar?

Instructions for the RypRadar are both packaged in the box, as well as sent to you via email after your purchase. You can also watch the RypRadar instructional video on our YouTube channel, Rypstick Golf. If you have any questions with your radar, please email us at